Almeria champion trees

Almeria champion trees

A Nature tour with Champion-trees seekers Enrico & Erna Liebenberg.

Almeria champion trees
Almeria champion trees: Enrico & Erna Liebenberg and David & Elaine Shaw sharing the nice moment in which I received a memorable copy of the book signed by the authors.

I was so happy to share time  (lots of time) along the last month of October ,with the most well-renowned people in the world about CHAMPION TREES: Enrico & Erna. Coming from South Africa in holidays, they chose Almeria (Spain) to meet good friends as the Shaw family (David & Elaine). Uouh… Almeria as an international meeting point for renowned naturalists and conservationists. I feel so happy and so proud.

The Liebenberg are authors of the internationally renowned book WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. A master piece of art and a collection of excellent information about the biggest and oldest trees in South Africa, that huge country that no one knows as well as Enrico and Erna.

In our 4 days discovering Almeria mountains and countryside, we visited many natural monuments, also “champions”…  as the holm oak named “La encina del Marchal del Abogado” or  the monumental cypresses  aka “los cipreses de D Gonzalo” and much more. The group was amazed by the high quality of our landscape at South Spain and the excellent level of environmental conservation happening in Almeria mountains and flatlands, while looking for our Almeria champion trees.

Thanks for your visit, deared friends and thanks for the copy of your book WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS .

Always be very welcome and never forget that a part of my soul is also now in South Africa with you.

Jesus Contreras

Tour leader – Discovering Almeria. October 2015 

Almeria champion trees
Almeria champion tree called “Encina del Marchal”. Under its millenary branches, Enrico Liebenberg.

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