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Almeria, Spain

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He is the true insider of Almeria, locally born and grown up in Almeria, full passioned with Almeria… Jesus is always surprising not only to tourists, but even local people with his knowledge about the province as well as with his wildlife photos.

Want to discover and explore the real live Almeria?? Have a look at the beauty of Almeria Nature, driven by a Senior Local Guide. Dive into a different, lost world, untouched by mankind. Discover rare fauna and flora and learn to see Mother Nature through the eyes of our expert.

Jesus Contreras is the founder and leader of AlmeriaNature Guide, Oz Nature Wildlife and DisCovering Almeriasustainabe, responsible and green ecotourism in Spain; you can now join Jesus on his tours through Almeria area and Granada, discovering the most paradisiac spots. See below his trips planning …

Trans Almeria

AlmeriaNature Guide Trip 2: Cabo de Gata Park

Discover the amazing Cabo de Gata National Park, one of the most arid places in the World; called the only desert in Europe, it is considered to be a portion of Africa in Europe. Cabo de Gata is one of the best places in Almeria coast for spotting birds that breed and feed in its marshes; it is with no doubt one of the last Mediterranean lost paradises.

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Trans Granada – departs only from Almeria

AlmeriaNature Guide Trip 3: TransAlmeria

Discover Granada and its Alhambra fortress, gardens and palaces. Enjoy walking by Granada narrow streets guided by a local, its people, its street-musicians, the local food, tapas, unique hidden corners in the town and much more.

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Culture and Nature tours in Almeria and Granada. Spain