Cinema Almeria Spain

Cinema Almeria Spain. Coastal locations for Conan the Barbarian and For a fistful dollars.
Cinema Almeria Spain. Coastal locations for Conan the Barbarian and For a fistful dollars.

Cinema Almeria Spain

Main movies filmed totally or partially in Almeria since the beggining of the industry till 2014

Cinema industry, film locations, movie-sets, deserts, mexican villages, Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia, Temple of doom…. or perhaps Walt Disney was an almerian. These are so many of the topics floating around anyone of our movie-trips; I do not like to visit museums nor film-offices to show visitors what is the real Almeria cinema landscape they came looking for; to discover these places we need to leave asfalt and start the off-road adventure.

Almeria is so important in the Cinema industry because of its sunlight ratio and good weather, just linked to an amazing set of very different geographical landscapes.

In this post I attach a list of main movies filmed in Almeria lands since the real start of the business in the fifties, although we can say it begun before, just in the forties.

This collection of titles have been created by Jesus Contreras. Please if you detect any mistake or perhaps any broken link, please contact me at

Cinema Almeria Spain. Who does not know Cortijo del Fraile famous movie-set?
Cinema Almeria Spain. Who does not know Cortijo del Fraile famous movie-set?

Cinema Almeria Spain

List of main movies filmed in Almeria


1952     La llamada de Africa

1954     Judas´Kiss

1954     Cursed mountain

1954     Escape from Fort Bravo

1958     Les Bijoutiers du clair de lune

1959     Duelo en la cañada


1961     King of kings

1961     El Cid

1962     Lawrence of Arabia

1962     Two against all

1962     The savage guns

1963     Cleopatra

1963     Gunfight at Red Sands

1963     Taste of the savage

1963     Apache Gold

1964     Seven Guns from Texas

1964     Cent mille dollars au soleil

1964     Ringo: The Killer (Ballad of Death Valley)

1964     Bullets don´t lie

1964     A fistful of dollars

1964     Saul and David

1966     Totó of Arabia

1965     Attack of the Kurds

1965     The Hill

1965     The relentless Four

1965     Finger on the trigger

1965     Gunmen of Rio Grande

1965     Left handed Johny West

1965     Gideon and Samson

1965     A place called Glory

1965     Minnesota Clay

1965     La muerte cumple condena

1965     For a few dollars more

1965     Five thousand dollars in one ace

1965     In a Colt´s shadow

1965     Operation Double Cross

1965     The last Tomahawk

1966     Operation Atlantis

1966     Some dollars for Django

1966     Arizona colt

1966     Guns for the dictator

1966     The good, the bad and the ugly

1966     Sharp-shooting twin sisters

1966     Account rendered

1966     L’homme de Marrakech

1966     Johnny Yuma

1966     Lost command

1966     For one thousand dollars per day

1966     The ugly ones

1966     The return of Ringo

1966     Las siete magníficas

1966     Seven guns for the MacGregors

1966     A bullet for the general

1966     The rat patrol

1966     Texas, addió

1967     Face to face

1967     Taste of killing

1967     Cervantes, the young rebel from La Mancha

1967     How I won the war

1967     Ringo: Face of revenge

1967     Death rides a horse

1967     The cruel ones

1967     Day of anger

1967     Dinamita Joe

1967     I´ll kill him and return alone

1967     Man and a colt

1967     John the bastard

1967     Dinamita Joe

1967     Long days of vengeance

1967     Le canard en fer blanc

1967     Hate for hate

1967     Halleluja for Django

1967     Professionals for a massacre

1967     Sugar colt

1967     Tobruk

1967     Blood river

1967     A coffin for the sheriff

1967     Custer of the West

1967     The vengeance of she

1967     Any gun can play

1968     Cry for revenge

1968     The return of Monte Cristo

1968     The bastard

1968     Run, man, run

1968     Ace high

1968     The magnificent texan

1968     Duffy

1968     I do not forgive… I kill!

1968     Once upon a time in the west

1968     Man, pride and vengeance

1968     Beyond the law

1968     Go Kill Everybody and Come Back Alone

1968     Play dirty

1968     The girl of the Nile

1968     A sky full of stars for a roof

1968     The ruthless four

1968     Fifteen scaffolds for a murderer

1968     Requiem for a gringo

1968     A professional gun

1968     Wild Kurdistan

1968     Death sentence

1968     Shalako

1968     Stress-es tres-tres

1968     A talent for loving

1968     Tepepa: long live the revolution

1968     Train for Durango

1968     One against one… no mercy

1968     Day after tomorrow

1968     They came to rob Las Vegas

1968     Villa rides

1968     A long ride from hell

1968     A bullet for the general

1968     Full house for the devil

1968     2001: A space odyssey

1968     Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die!

1969     Commandos

1969     100 rifles

1969     Boot hill: Trinity rides again

1969     10,000 dollars blood money

1969     Cemetery without crosses

1969     I protect myself against my enemies

1969     A bullet for Sandoval

1969     Twenty thousand dollars for seven

1969     Guns of the magnificent seven

1969     Wrath of God

1969     I came, I saw, I shot

1969     I want him dead

1969     The desperados

1969     A minute to pray, a second to die

1969     The price of power

1969     Sabata

1969     The strangers

1969     The royal hunt of the sun

1969     Death on high mountain

1969     Shoot… gringo, shoot

1969     Susana

1969     Forgotten pistolero

1969     The valley of Gwangi

1969     Wanted

1969     Land raiders


1970     Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay

1970     El astronauta

1970     Cannon for Cordoba

1970     El Cóndor

1970     The 5-man army

1970     Manos torpes

1970     Kill him

1970     More dollars for the MacGregor

1970     Nest of vipers

1970     Patton

1970     The deserter

1970     Sabata the killer

1970     Companeros

1970     Alive or preferably dead

1971     A fistful of Dynamite

1971     Valdez is coming

1971     Hannie Caulder

1971     Rum runners

1971     A man called Sledge

1971     Figures in a landscape

1971     The hunting party

1971     The corsairs

1971     Four rode out

1971     Delusions of Grandeur

1971     Raise your hands, dead man, you’re under arrest

1971     Doc

1971     The roosters of dawn

1971     Man in the wilderness

1971     Run for your life

1971     Indio Black, sai che ti dico: Sei un gran figlio di…

1971     Johnny hamlet

1971     The horsemen

1971     Catlow

1971     Sartana kills them all

1971     Petroleum girls

1971     Red sun

1971     A name that cried revenge

1971     Whity

1971     Captain Apache

1971     Blindman

1972     What am I doing in the middle of the Revolution

1972     God in Heaven… Arizona on Earth

1972     The sin

1972     Chato´s land

1972     A town called hell

1972     Campa carogna… la taglia cresce

1972     Night child

1972     Can be done, amigo

1972     The last run

1972     La Banda J.S.: Cronaca criminale del Far West

1972     Treasure island

1972     Antony and Cleopatra

1972     The fighting fists of Shangai Joe

1972     A reason to live, a reason to die

1972     Pirates of Blood Island

1972     Full house for the devil

1972     Con men

1972     Vente a ligar al oeste

1972     Travels with my aunt

1972     The sentence of God

1973     War goddess

1973     Autopsy

1973     Here We Go Again, Eh Providence?

1973     Chino – The Valdez Horses

1973     Charley-one-eye

1973     The final programme

1973     F. for Fake

1973     The heroes

1973     The man called Noon

1973     Ben and Charlie

1973     Me has hecho perder el juicio

1973     Proceso a Jesus

1973     La valija

1974     The four musketeers

1974     Diez negritos

1974     Whisky and ghosts

1974     The stranger and the gunfighter

1974     My name is nobody

1974     Kill the poker player

1974     The passenger

1974     Even angels eat beans

1974     The Spikes gang

1974     Zorro

1975     White, the yellow and the black

1975     Four gunmen of the Apocalypse

1975     A genius, two friends and an idiot

1975     Dr. Phibes rises again

1975     The wind and the lion

1976     Curro Jimenez

1977     Cipolla colt

1977     March or die

1977     Sinbad and the eye of the tiger

1977     Valentino

1978     The thief of Baghdad

1978     The four feathers

1978     The biggest battle

1978     They died with their boots on

1979     China 9, Liberty 37

1979     Jaguar lives

1979     Bloodbath

1979     Wild horse hank


1981     Fast, fast

1981     Buddy goes West

1981     Last harem

1981     Comin’ at Ya!

1981     Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

1982     Conan the barbarian

1982     Cristobal Colon, de oficio… descubridor

1983     Exterminators in the year 3000

1983     Hundra

1983     Never say never again

1984     Al este del Oeste

1984     The Almeria file

1984     The NeverEnding story

1984     The desert warrior

1984     Yellow hair and the fortress of gold

1985     Rustlers´rhapsody

1985     Mad Max beyond thunderdome

1986     Sky bandits

1986     Solarbabies

1987     Lieutenant nun

1987     Straight to hell

1988     The adventures of Baron Münchausen

1988     Miss Caribe

1989     The things of love

1989     Indiana Jones and the last crusade

1989     The best of times


1990     Las cartas de Alou

1990     Against the wind

1990     Navy seals

1991     El cielo sube

1993     The man who lost his shadow

1993     El pájaro de la felicidad

1993     The young Indiana Jones chronicles

1994     Morirás en Chafarinas

1995     Trinità & Bambino… e adesso tocca a noi

1996     Bwana

1996     Extasis

1996     The killer tongue

1997     Aquí llega Condemor, el pecador de la pradera

1997     Martin (Hache) 

1997     Spanish fly

1998     Denk ich an Deutschland – Herr Wichmann von der CDU

1998     Don Juan

1998     The return of El Coyote

1999     El arbol del penitente

1999     Dollar for the dead

1999     Outlaw justice – The long kill


2000     The year of Maria

2000     Queen of swords

2000     Sexy beast

2001     Die Manns – Ein Jahrhundertroman

2001     Honolulu baby

2001     Sergio Leone: cinema, cinema

2001     Manitou´s shoe

2002     800 bullets

2002     The stone raft

2002     Bestiary

2002     To love too much

2002     Talk to her

2002     Mucha sangre

2002     Poniente

2003     Imagining Argentina

2003     La Leyenda del Sheriff McCorgan

2003     The Tulse Luper Suitcases. Part 1: The Moab Story

2003     Jericho mansions

2003     The Gospel of John

2003     Dreamship Surprise: Period 1

2004     Blueberry: the secret experience

2004     Abgefahren

2004     Lucky Luke and the Daltons

2004     Stork day

2004     Exiles

2004     Hipnos

2004     The reckoning

2005     Energy Hunter

2005     A sound of thunder

2005     Black swans

2006     Stealth

2006     Peacemaker

2006     The white knight

2007     Limoncello

2007     The Tonto woman

2007     Asterix at the Olympic Games

2008     Camino

2008     Dead bones

2008     Possibility of an island

2008     Road Spain

2008     The missing lynx

2009     Lemo

2009     The limits of control

2009     The Sindone

2009     Stella´s Oorlog

2009     Los hombres de Paco

2009     Millennium – Men who hate women

2009     Goodbye, doll


2010     Half of Oscar

2010     Naúfrago

2012     Postcards from the moon

2013     Solsticio

2013     Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados

2014     Exodus: Gods and Kings



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