Major cruise ports in Europe

Major cruise ports in Europe: From Atlanta to Almeria.
Major cruise ports in Europe: From Atlanta to Almeria.

Major cruise ports in Europe

Till recent times, travelling in a cruise was something only reserved for privileged people, or at least so was understood by local ones here, awaiting for tourists in the european ports; but time has been passing by and cruise business has evolved in a way in which it can be understood so simply as a different way for travelling, discovering the lands from the sea, stopping consciously at any destination and mixing yourself in the mistery of local civilizations, lost cultures…  always seen from a different point of view.

But there is a moment in this evolutionary business in which travellers do not know where to go, where aremajor cruise ports in Europe, Africa or any other place in the world. The traditional big destinations are collapsed by tourists, and new travellers want to make their trip in a very different way: enjoying in tailored tours, being attended professionaly and paying no more than really required.

Major cruise ports in Europe: From Almeria main peer.
Major cruise ports in Europe: From Almeria main peer.

In this way we need to make a difference with the concept ot what are indeed major cruise ports in Europe or wherever, and where are indeed major cruise ports in Europe. Saying major does not mean to say the biggest one, or the port with more passesgers crossing in it. To say MAJOR is to say the best, the main destination, the authentic place you are really looking for in your holidays, small towns or hidden national parks as here they are in the spanish Mediterranean, undiscovered for cruise passengers till recently.

Almeria port at south Spain it is an example of these emerging major ports in Europe; with its amazing permanent blue sky so in winter as in summer, the quality of the air, the unique landscape so arid and dry, the hospitality of its people and the simple thing of being in Spain in a different way… make a difference with other crowded destinations, that of course will be also visited along trips.

Although Almeria is a small town with unique culture and ways of life, there are both an international port and airport that connect this emerging town just to the future, under a different point of understanding what is really travelling in a cruise.

Major cruise ports in Europe:  General view of Almeria port.
Major cruise ports in Europe: General view of Almeria port.

So many places to be visited in the shore excursions, such as Spaghetti-western desert, the moor valleys, high peaks or white-washed villages.

Look for Almeria when you check-in your travel and do not forget to remind your to show you the port from the top of the town (attached photo); really an amazing landscape view before returning to the ship. Waiting for you at the peer… don ´t forget to book your tailored trip in advance. Keep in touch… in one of major cruise ports in Europe: Almeria port.


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